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CPU benchmarking?

Ralf Lübben

I did some network benchmarking with iperf.
I have the dom0 and one domain where the vpn software OpenVpn is running. I
want to measure the bandwidth of the vpn.
The problem is that I get a bandwidth of 90Mbit/s on a 1Gbit/s connection.
On a "normal" system I get a bandwidth of 110MBit/s. The bottleneck there
is the cpu.
On Xen the CPU is still idle (95% in dom0 and 45% in domU). At the moment I
have only one domU.
I think the cpu is the bottleneck under Xen, too. Is there cpu load which I
can't see with "top"?
Is there a possibility to get the whole cpu load over all domains?

Has anybody experiences with benchmarking the cpu load of the whole system?

Thank you.

Ralf L??bben

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