Could not check out xen folder?

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Could not check out xen folder?

You, Yongkang

I am not sure if it is my hg problem.
After I hg pull the newest source from xen-unstable tree, I do hg update
(co). But there isn't xen folder checked out. Then I check .hg/data/.
Xen is there!

I found this problem this morning, and also update hg to newest version
(a66e249d77ae) to try. The result is also no xen folder.
[root@linux xen-unstable.hg]# ls
buildconfigs  extras                  linux-2.6-xen-sparse   README     freebsd-5.3-xen-sparse  Makefile               tools
COPYING              netbsd-2.0-xen-sparse
docs          linux-2.4-xen-sparse    patches

Yongkang You(Kangkang)

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