DomU NIC shows cable unplugged after reboot

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DomU NIC shows cable unplugged after reboot

Robert McNicol

I apologize for any etiquette that I may be missing. This is my first post to a mail list, ever, and I am unfamiliar with how or what to post.


I know there was a post regarding this same problem back in January, however there wasn’t a resolution to it.


I recently upgraded my dom0 to Debian Stretch (9.2) xen version 4.8.1, and kernel version 4.9.51-1 both on x86-64 (AMD64)

Previously I was on xen 4.4, and all my VMs worked great. They are all HVM with PCI passthrough of individual NIC’s. Had no issues except that my xen version was getting long in the tooth and it was time to upgrade to the latest available.


Upgrade goes without a hitch, however, if I have to reboot a windows hvm domU (How often does Windows need to reboot? Ugh) it doesn’t completely reset the NIC (I’m guessing). Windows then reports that the NIC has a cable unplugged. The only solution I have found is to reboot the host (dom0) and then thigs run fine… until windows updates and reboots.


The previous post in Jan stated that this issue wasn’t limited to xen 4.8, that 4.7 and 4.6 had the same issue. I cant see a reference to any solution though, and google has been unhelpful.


Any help would be appreciated. If you need any additional info let me know.




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