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Drive strategy

Mogens Valentin-2
I'm about selecting drive(s) for a somewhat lowpower private Xen server.
It'll be running my internal services like dns, dhcp, samba..
It'll run web/mailserver. Probably Asterisk. It'll have 1.5-2GB ram.

Powerconsumption, heat, noise and stability have equal weight, but I
guess drive(s) need to perform too. Problemagic mix of features ;)

I only need a mere 160/200GB, and could use:

Single Seagate ATA. Performance so-so, even if only ATA100. Noise, heat,
stability are all fine.

Single Hitachi ATA. Better performance. Dep. on model, heat/noise
approx. as for Seagate. I'm a bit unsure about 24/7 stability.

Two Samsung Spinpoint in software raid1.
Those are not exactly fast. A review showed good burstread, though.
I'll probably have far more read that write access, so the SW raid1
might provide good performance, plus redundancy never hurts.
Probably the lowest in noise, so two of those are acceptable.
Heat and powerconsumption are quite low too, again, ok for two drives.
Their 24/7 reliability is unknown to me.

Scsi and 10Krpm nogo; price/heat/noise..
Mobo has no onboard sata. A pci controller may easily provide less
performance than onboard ATA133.

Care to comment?

Kind regards,
Mogens Valentin

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