Error 8 adding AOE device to domU

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Error 8 adding AOE device to domU

David Muench
Hi all,

I've been unable to add an ATA over ethernet device directly to a
domU. Here is an example of me trying to dynamically add it, but if I
put it in the domain config and just try to boot the domain the exact
same thing happens:

root@sol:/dom/jupiter# xm vbd-create jupiter phy:etherd/e4.1 sdc1 w
Error: Adding extent to vbd failed: device (vbd (uname
phy:etherd/e4.1) (dev sdc1) (mode w)), error 8

root@sol:/dom/jupiter# ls -l /dev/etherd/e4.1
brw-rw----  1 root disk 152, 1040 Nov 29 20:19 /dev/etherd/e4.1

All of my other domU's (7 so far) use AOE storage also, but they are
under LVM control in dom0 so I am exporting logical volumes to the
domU's. This is the first time I've tried to present the AOE storage
direct to a domU.

I'm running Xen 2.0.7. Thanks.


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