Fedora core 3 & xen custom kernel build

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Fedora core 3 & xen custom kernel build

Robert E. Parrott
Hi folks,

I'm trying to do a custom Xen kernel build of Fedora core 3 that  
install VLAN support.

I've grabbed the kernel config files from the source rpm for the  
Fedora 3 kernel, and renaming the appropriate one " *i686-smp* "  
to .config, have done a make ARCH=xen oldconfig.

The problem is that only  a few of the fedora core 3 config settings  
are used, and I end up guessing on the remaining values. Not only  
does this take forever, but I'd like to get the config as close as  
possible to the original Fedora Core 3 one, and this approach isn't  
likely to do that.

Besides installing the Fedora Core 4 test version of the kernel (and  
taking on any unknown incompatibilities), do anyone have any advice  
on doing an efficient make oldconfig on a Fedora Core 3 kernel?



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