Graphics card passthrough on Xen 4.11.1

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Graphics card passthrough on Xen 4.11.1

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I'm trying to run Xen 4.11.1 with graphics card passthrough into a Windows 10 HVM guest. My configuration file includes:


whereas the first PCI device is the graphics card (Intel HD) and the second is the USB controller. I pass through the USB controller so that I can use keyboard and mouse in my guest, and my Dom0 I access via the network (e.g. my Dom0 is headless).

I don't get any errors during starting up the DomU, but I don't see anything on the screen either. Shouldn't I see the bootscreen of the Windows 10 system? I don't get any errors in the logs, so I can I debug this further?
Is it actually possible to install a guest this way, e.g. directly install it on the passed through graphics card (installation medium is a .iso attached as CDROM), or would I need to install it at first with an emulated graphics card? What is the typical process for doing this? It's not explained in detail in

Many thanks for any hints.

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