HVM driver domain with a stubdomain?

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HVM driver domain with a stubdomain?

Chris Brannon
I set up a network driver domain for a dom0; it uses HVM
virtualization.  It worked very well when not using a device model
stubdomain, but when I requested the use of a device model stubdomain in
my xl.cfg file, the domU refused to boot.  It gave the following error

[76594.195404] xen_pciback: vpci: 0000:05:00.0: assign to virtual slot 0
[76594.195927] pciback 0000:05:00.0: registering for 35
[76594.230592] xen-pciback pci-34-0: 22 Couldn't locate PCI device
    (0000:05:00.0)! perhaps already in-use?

It seems to me that Xen is trying to pass the PCI device to both the
domU and the stubdomain, and that is why it is failing.  Has anyone
managed to get an HVM driver domain running with a stubdomain?  If so,
how did you do it?

-- Chris

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