How to call hypercall?

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How to call hypercall?

I want to know how to call a hypercall.

In is written, it was written as
"See xen/include/public/xen.h in the Xen sources and the Xen hypercall
interface documentatio"

I read it ahead, but it is very diffucult for me.

So, I tried what is written in

However, program result is error on ioctl().
# ./test_hypercall world
privcmd's fd = 3
ret = -1

I confirmed that /proc/xen/privcmd is present, and my environment is 64bit
(Ubuntu 14.04).

What is the reason for the error?

Or can you tell me a sample calling a hypercall from a program?

Or can tell me a little more friendly page about hypercall.

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