How to hide ethX on dom0???

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How to hide ethX on dom0???

Hi, my first E-Mail on a Mailing List, cool. So I hope that this is the rigth
way to ask a question to everyone on the list.

I trying to set up a server with xen. 3 domU are running on it. Namely a
Gateway, a webserver and a fileserver.

The gateway domain needs two ethX. One for the fiber-optical, our internet,
and one for providing the House with Internet.

The fileserver and webserver each need one eth.

Now i want that the dom0 isnt visible from inside and outside the house. Every
packet from outside the house should be routed to the gw domain where i`m
running iptables with nat. For security i dont want dom0 to act in any way
inside any net. How can i do that.

Greeting and sorry for my bad english

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