Hyper-V inside Xen DomU

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Hyper-V inside Xen DomU

Security Developer
Hi there, I've got Xen 4.11.1 with a Fedora 4.19 Dom0 kernel. I switched on nested virtualization in my DomU using


and in DomU I run Windows 10 latest build with Hyper-V and Hypervisor Platform enabled. It seems to work in that initially I had nestedhvm disabled and then I could not switch on Hyper-V inside the DomU. When I switched on nestedhvm, then inside the DomU I could switch on Hyper-V.
However, when I start a VM with Hyper-V inside the Xen DomU, it seems like Hyper-V is not fully up and running. The VM does not start. So before I start digging deeper I wanted to check if there is something missing in my configuration, or if it is actually not supported to run Hyper-V inside a DomU?

Many thanks for your help.

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