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Occasional network flakiness

Ranga Nathan
Hi all!
Just become a xen user and this is my first post to the list.

Just installed xen on SuSE 9 Enterprise and got it working. It is great!
I love it.

The bridging seems to be a little flaky when the domU's are running
dhcp. It seems that when the domU's start up, the dhcp client is not
ready to get the IP. The domU's come up without an IP. After rebooting
the domU's, I see the IP. Some kind of timing issue?

The domU's run 2 x SuSE9 Enterprise, 1 x RHEL 2.3 ( an old version) and
2 x ttylinux (just for testing).

BTW, I have some additional questions:

1. Can the total memory requirement exceed the physical memory? In other
words, does Xen virtualize memory? The doc does not mention, but then I
might have missed something!

2. Can USB, CD-ROM etc be shared by the domU's? I vaguely remember
exporting partitions - does this also apply to all the devices?

Thanks all

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