[PATCH][14/17] REV 2 USB virt 2.6 split driver---USB interdomain protocol

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[PATCH][14/17] REV 2 USB virt 2.6 split driver---USB interdomain protocol

Harry Butterworth
This patch picks up all the fixes to the previous 13 patches that were
required to get the code working now that the last four patches are
reformatted and I'm able to test the code again.  These fixes will go
into the correct patches if I do another revision.

Aside from the fixes, this patch defines the USB interdomain protocol
which consists of a number of transactions and a message sent using the
xenidc_endpoint code.

This protocol is a direct translation of the 2.4 protocol and uses
polling for device detection.

There is an issue with queued commands during error recovery.  The
queued commands need to be stalled during the unlink process but
currently they are not.

Both the polling and the queued commands issues need to be fixed.  This
may affect the protocol.

The current protocol is good enough for read only access to USB devices
and works for read-write access but is not safe for write access during
error recovery.

Signed-off-by: Harry Butterworth <[hidden email]>

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