[PATCH] Making x86-64 XenLinux stable

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[PATCH] Making x86-64 XenLinux stable

Nakajima, Jun
This patch should make x86-64 XenLinux more stable. Please apply.

#   Cleanups and improving stability by avoiding complex fixup at
critical section.
#   Also fix error_entry with error set.
#   Signed-off-by: Jun Nakajima <[hidden email]>
#   Signed-off-by: Li B Xin <[hidden email]>

I think the other was dropped (i.e. not applied in BK):
pfn_pte_ma.patch. Please apply it as well.

Intel Open Source Technology Center

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entry_S.patch (12K) Download Attachment
pfn_pte_ma.patch (1K) Download Attachment