PYTHONPATH trouble with tools/configure

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PYTHONPATH trouble with tools/configure

Pry Mar

building xen-4.11.1 from source on CentOS 7.5 with devtools-7 (gcc 7.3).

The devtools enable scriptlet defined PYTHONPATH as env variable. I've
never built Xen before with this defined in environment.

When I ran tools/configure, this $PYTHONPATH was picked up as
override. The devtools script defines it as a path to python modules
(*/site-packages), but our configure script sees it as a path to
python binary - two different things.

Of course the build was broken. When I checked `rpm -qpR
xen-runtime*.rpm` I also saw a bad requires as a consequence.

Funny thing is tools/configure writes PYTHON_PATH (not PYTHONPATH) in
config/ from the same value.

I don't have a patch, but my workaround is:

before starting a build.

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