QLogic HBAs in IBM BladeCentre

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QLogic HBAs in IBM BladeCentre

Colin Coe
Hi all

I'm having real issues building the module for the QLogic ISP2300 with fail
over support.  We're using Xen 2.0.7, RedHat EL4 Update 2 and the driver
source tarball from QLogic (qlafc-linux-8.01.01-1-install.tgz)

I managed at one point to compile the driver but the LUNs weren't showing
correctly.  For example, 'cat /proc/partitions' shows:
major minor  #blocks  name

   8     0   35510272 sda
   8     1     104391 sda1
   8     2    4192965 sda2
   8     3   31206262 sda3
   8     16         0 sdb
   8     32         0 sdc
   8     48         0 sdd
   8     64         0 sde
 254     0     491520 dm-0
 254    11    6291456 dm-11

Has anyone made this work?  If so, can you provide me with a copy of the
kernel .conf and brief instructions on building the module?


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