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RE: No scheduling after domU launch

Dan Magenheimer
Sorry to take so long, but I think I finally have this fixed.
I am now booting as many as four domains.  Still no virtual
I/O so all but domain0 panic, but by specifying reboot=10
on the command line, you can get domains to reboot, so
all of them are running simultaneously (sssllllooowwwllllyyyy).

Grab the latest on
and see if things work better.


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> From: Haavard Bjerke [mailto:[hidden email]]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 9:23 AM
> To: Magenheimer, Dan (HP Labs Fort Collins)
> Cc: [hidden email]
> Subject: No scheduling after domU launch
> Since pulling the latest xeno-unstable-ia64 a few days ago,
> scheduling seems to stop immediately after launching domU,
> that is, domU continues to load, while dom0 stops because the
> scheduler is never entered again. This looks like the same
> problem as before, with dom0 freezing after domU launch;
> only, now it seems to freeze earlier. Before, I was able to
> run a hypercall right after launch. This is kind of critical,
> since a user-space app running in dom0 is supposed to
> establish a ctrl-channel right after launch, while domU is booting.
> So I'm quite stuck and wondering why it stops scheduling, and
> I could use some input. So far I've found out that
> __enter_sceduler() is never called after domU launch, while
> the routine that's supposed to call that routine,
> ac_timer_softirq_action(), continues to be called. I think
> the __enter_sceduler() routine should be in a heap, but I
> don't understand why it would suddenly be removed from the heap..
> Thanks,
> Håvard

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