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RE: [PATCH]Allow different config file for xenlinux on samearch

Tian, Kevin
Hi, Keir,
        Any comments upon following patch? ;-) We need it to further check in a specific configuration file (likely xen0_defconfig_ia64tiger) later to run xen on IA64 tiger box. Currently we have no generic one for all IA64 boxes. Let's know if better way to do it. Currently custom with tiger box can only get that file out of the tree.


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>Sent: 2005年12月14日 18:22
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>Subject: [Xen-devel] [PATCH]Allow different config file for xenlinux on samearch
>Currently there is no generic configure file to compile xenlinux on
>ia64, since there're several different system types like HP-ZX, DIG,
>etc. Current Makefile can't meet this need and default one
>(xen0_defconfig_ia64) is only for HP-ZX type. Hence, this patch can
>append an additional param to configuration file name to differentiate
>system types when make.
>For example, we can use "make world XEN_SYSTYPE=dig" to compile, and if
>a config file named as xen0_defconfig_ia64dig exists under
>arch/xen/configs, it will be copied to override xen0_defconfig_ia64
>before real compilation.. If no value for this option, it use default
>configure file for their archs.
>Configuration file is not attached here. If this approach is an agreed
>approach to solve such requirement, we will check in the config file in
>another mail.
>Signed-off-by Zhang Xiantao <[hidden email]>
>diff -r 0255f48b757f Makefile
>--- a/Makefile Sun Dec  4 19:12:00 2005
>+++ b/Makefile Wed Dec 14 17:35:04 2005
>@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
> # Export target architecture overrides to Xen and Linux sub-trees.
> ifneq ($(XEN_TARGET_ARCH),)
> SUBARCH := $(subst x86_32,i386,$(XEN_TARGET_ARCH))
> endif
> # Default target must appear before any include lines
>diff -r 0255f48b757f buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen
>--- a/buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen Sun Dec  4 19:12:00 2005
>+++ b/buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen Wed Dec 14 17:35:04 2005
>@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
> CONFIG_VERSION=$$(sed -ne 's/^EXTRAVERSION = //p'
>$(LINUX_DIR)/Makefile); \
> [ -r
> ] &&
>  cp
>$(LINUX_DIR)/.config \
>-  || cp
>H) \
>+  || cp
> $(LINUX_DIR)/.config
> # See if we need to munge config to enable PAE
> $(MAKE) CONFIG_FILE=$(LINUX_DIR)/.config -f
>buildconfigs/ config-update-pae
>Zhang Xiantao
>CSD-OTC PRC Virtualization
>Intel (China) Limited

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