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RE: "current->domain" points to wrong domain afterdomU launch

Tian, Kevin
Check include/asm/current.h, and then you can find get_current and
set_current definition.

Normally there should be no explicit invocation to set current pointer
(r13 in IA-64), except domain 0 creation and low level context switch
stub. You may print out the dom0->exec_domain[0]'s stack pointer at the
start, and check whether the stack base still matches the former when
printing debug information. If it's still in domain 0's stack context,
then people may doubt the link between domain and exec_domain corrupted.

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>Subject: [Xen-ia64-devel] "current->domain" points to wrong domain
>afterdomU launch
>After launching domU, current->domain->domain_id is 1, even right after
>executing a hypercall from dom0. To get this result, I placed the
following line
>in a hypercall in hypercall.c:
>printk("hypercall.c: current domain is %d\n",
>It printed "(XEN) hypercall.c: current domain is 1", though dom0
executed the
>This is not the way it behaves in the x86 version, where
current->domain will

>point to dom0.
>There's no "set_current()" in Xen/ia64; how is "current" maintained?
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