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Tom Hibbert

> Much as I support the creation of the Debian packages, I can't claim

> any credit -- you must be thinking of someone else.


> A number of different people have created debian packages at various

> points in time, and it would be great if we could have a (small) set

> of people that we could work closely with to ensure that the best

> possible Xen packages are available and maintained. Having >1 than one

> person would hopefully ensure continuity etc.

> Any volunteers? 


> Ian


Adam mentioned to me in IRC that he doesn’t have the time to deal with this. Since I use these packages daily through my work projects and it is important for my company to have high quality packages, I volunteer as a (comaintainer.


I have built my packages for 2.0.6 and made some minor changes I consider enhancements including resurrecting support for the 2.4 series that died off in the last version Adam provided. I split the kernel-patch-xen deb into two separate packages for 2.4 and 2.6. I also built a (very unofficial) kernel-source-2.4.30, merging in all applicable patches from the (also unofficial) kernel-source-2.4.29 tree. This was necessary for a project taking place here that is using private kernel code that hasn’t been forward ported to 2.6.


You can find my Xen 2.0.6 patches at, comments welcome.




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