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Stefano Stabellini-3
Hi Katerina,
In general I would recommend to send these questions to xen-users or
xen-devel (CC'ed), where other people can help you and benefit from the

Ian Jackson (also CC'ed) wrote this feature and I am hoping he can
better explain how it's supposed to work.



On Wed, 13 Mar 2013, Katerina Mparmpopoulou wrote:

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> Hi Stefano,
> I found your mail from a thread relative to Xen Migration. I read that
> you have written the xl man page, so probably you are the one that you
> may know how can i use the -s option in the xl migrate command.
> This I want to do is to disable ssh during migration. I though that
> the correct option for changing the default shh was the -s one.
> Firstly, I read the manual page of xl and i placed the
> option -s empty considering that this will run <host>, instead of ssh
> <host>.
> I 've used the command with the following alternatives:
> - - sudo xl migrate VM3 root@ip -s
> - - sudo xl migrate VM3 root@ip -s ''
> the problem is that during migration time I'm running tcpdump
> (filtering the particular interface/port 22/and the target host) and i
> can see the ssh packets, even the -s option is empty (no parameters).
> I would be grateful if you could help me :)
> Thanks, Katerina
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