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Arun Sharma-11
Magenheimer, Dan (HP Labs Fort Collins) wrote:
> So, go ahead and merge it into
> Please make sure you merge in my latest changes (yesterday)
> which are necessary to accommodate recent changes by Keir in
> the main Xen source tree.  When that is done, let me know and
> I will give it one final compile/run test and then get Keir
> to pull it up into

I just pushed some changes to xeno-unstable-ia64.bk. They add support
for the Intel Vanderpool technology for Itanium processor family  (VT-i).

CONFIG_VTI is disabled by default and needs to be explicitly turned on
in for those interested in trying it out and having access to
VT-i capable hardware.

I also checked in something equivalent to the pci-ioapic patch for ia64
and removed swiotlb.c (because Xen will not be involved in PCI DMA).


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