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2010/1/21 Chris Adams <[hidden email]>
Once upon a time, Zoran Popoviæ <[hidden email]> said:
> And yes, I know what are you talking about and how right you are, but it
> sooo easy for you to say that now.

Heh, I still have Alpha servers.  What is this newfangled Itanium thing
of which you speak?  I think our DEC rep talked about it at one point.

I am not sure what are you referring to - DEC could only talk about Alpha before Compaq took it, (t)Itani(c)um came much later, or maybe you thought about Windows NT and how it came to be ... what HTH probably meant is the EPIC fight against RISC :)) or for it :( I'm not sure now ...
Times change - basically, anybody that bet on anything other than x86
ended up on the sideline.

Yes, roadmaps for ibm power were known for years ahead back before 7-8 years, and HP's bold promises at that time were not strong enough, but the story is not near end AFAIK (Oracle entered Xen advisory board,, there is still time to think over without haste, and finally just to remember:

Of all sold Itanium server, 60% are Unix (HP-UX), 30% are Linux, 5% are windows (and my management made that sad decision to turn to windows), and as HP isn't much excited so far, why is Red Hat resting so easily then ? Or maybe it's to hard to put this all together and poke HP with good alternative, just let someone else do it ...
Chris Adams <[hidden email]>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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