Restarting domU: Device <device> is mounted in a guest domain

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Restarting domU: Device <device> is mounted in a guest domain

Stuart Mackintosh
Using Debian stable as dom0 and domU. Disks are LVM.

When restarting the domU, it is reported that the device is in use. The
log shows as follows:

"/local/scratch/xenod/cron-build/xen-unstable-x86_32p.oe3371.dir/xen-unstable.hg/dist/install/usr/lib/python/xen/xend/server/", line 175, in waitForDevice
VmError: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected.
Device /dev/<LVM VG>/<disk name> is mounted in a guest domain,
and so cannot be mounted now.

I have removed the entry in xenstore using "xenstore-rm
backend/vbd/<VM_ID>" and it starts without error.

It looks that the vbd does not get released (or at least removed from
xenstore) when the domU is restarted.
"xenstore-list backend/vbd" lists the active VM_IDs in xenstore.

I note that others have reported this, does anyone know of a fix or
where xenstore-rm is (should be) called?

xen/scripts/block does not do any handling of physical devices on
remove, is this correct?

    case $t in
        exit 0



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