Stretch port of xen-4.9 from Artful (17.10)

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Stretch port of xen-4.9 from Artful (17.10)

Mark Pryor

This build is now done. Nobody in Debian came forward to do it. Perhaps its coming in Buster.

On August 22, Stephen Bader build xen-4.9 for Artful according to the usual Debian approach: shortening the upstream xen-4.9 tarball by removing tools/qemu-xen* and extras/.

The Artful qemu-system-x86 (2.10) was built with those libxen-4.9 libs and headers.

To port that work to Stretch, I built the Artful xen-4.9 sources in Stretch pbuilder-chroot, then rebuilt the Stretch qemu (2.8) sources with the new libxen-4.9. 

The build is here (with an install trace):

The trace demonstrates the new dom0 running with 5 Virtual Machines.

Someone had to try this port, so it might as well be me

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