UEFI/OVMF or SeaBIOS for guests?

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UEFI/OVMF or SeaBIOS for guests?

Stefan Kadow

on my Debian 9.4 Stretch (stable) machine, with Xen Hypervisor 4.8 from
the official repository, I have installed two HVM guests. These guests
are simple Debian 9.4 text mode systems.
The only difference is the firmware, UEFI (TianoCore/OVMF) and legacy

Thanks to ChmEarl from IRC, I managed to install the UEFI version. But
the OVMF version used from the Debian repository was unacceptably slow.
So I installed the version from the testing repository, which is much

The comparison of the two guests with xentop only shows a remarkable
difference in the boot time. While the boot time with SeaBIOS is about
11 seconds, the system with OVMF takes 43 seconds.

The boot time for a virtual server is not important, at least not for
the planned purpose.
My question is, are there any benefits to using UEFI/OVMF over SeaBIOS?


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