Unable to create guest PV domain on OMAP5432

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Unable to create guest PV domain on OMAP5432

Jayadev Kumaran
Hello all,

I'm trying to implement Xen hypervisor support on OMAP5432.I have followed the steps as in https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen_ARM_with_Virtualization_Extensions/OMAP5432_uEVM for the initial setup. I'm able to see the domain 0 successfully up.

root@omap5-evm:~# /etc/init.d/xencommons start
Starting /usr/local/sbin/xenstored...
Setting domain 0 name, domid and JSON config...
Done setting up Dom0
Starting xenconsoled...
Starting QEMU as disk backend for dom0

root@omap5-evm:~# xl list
Name                                        ID   Mem VCPUs      State   Time(s)
Domain-0                                     0   512     2     r-----      11.5

I have used the below configuration file for creating a guest domain.
name = "ubuntu"

kernel = "/home/root/ubuntu/vmlinuz"
ramdisk = "/home/root/ubuntu/initrd.gz"
#bootloader = "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/pygrub"

memory = 1024
vcpus = 1

device_model_version = 'qemu-xen-traditional'

disk = [


But when I try to create the guest domain using xl create command,I get the below error.

root@omap5-evm:/# xl create -d -c /etc/xen/config.d/ubuntu.cfg                                                                               
Parsing config from /etc/xen/config.d/ubuntu.cfg
    "c_info": {
        "type": "pv",
        "name": "ubuntu",
        "uuid": "d7dd7835-61e3-46ce-b76f-140c0f9673fe",
        "run_hotplug_scripts": "True"
    "b_info": {
        "max_vcpus": 1,
        "avail_vcpus": [
        "max_memkb": 1048576,
        "target_memkb": 1048576,
        "shadow_memkb": 9216,
        "device_model_version": "qemu_xen_traditional",
        "sched_params": {

        "claim_mode": "True",
        "kernel": "/home/root/ubuntu/vmlinuz",
        "ramdisk": "/home/root/ubuntu/initrd.gz",
        "type.pv": {

        "arch_arm": {

    "disks": [
            "pdev_path": "/dev/vg0/domu0",
            "vdev": "xvda",
            "format": "raw",
            "readwrite": 1
    "on_reboot": "restart",
    "on_soft_reset": "soft_reset"
(XEN) grant_table.c:1688:d0v0 Expanding d4 grant table from 0 to 1 frames
(XEN) memory.c:238:d0v0 Could not allocate order=18 extent: id=4 memflags=0xc0 (0 of 1)
libxl: error: libxl_exec.c:118:libxl_report_child_exitstatus: /etc/xen/scripts/block add [1612] exited with error status 1
libxl: error: libxl_create.c:1278:domcreate_launch_dm: Domain 4:unable to add disk devices
libxl: error: libxl_domain.c:1000:libxl__destroy_domid: Domain 4:Non-existant domain
libxl: error: libxl_domain.c:959:domain_destroy_callback: Domain 4:Unable to destroy guest
libxl: error: libxl_domain.c:886:domain_destroy_cb: Domain 4:Destruction of domain failed

Thanks and Regards,

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