Weekly test report on VT machine

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Weekly test report on VT machine

Yu, Lifeng

With SMP enabled, we can start domU but failed to start 32-bit VMX-Domain.


Latest update: 05/28/2005



Building Environment:

Based on Fedora Core 2

Xen bk tree changeset 1.1575

md5key of the changeset 4296fb9akkrLM8bKzQ1I7T3Dy3Uu9w


Intel em64T 3GHz with HT

2GB of memory for host machine

128 MB of memory for Xen0 with SMP support

256 MB of memory for VMX Domain(RHEL3U3)

QEMU used to config filesystem image


Test Result:

Success to start 32-bit Xen0 with SMP enabled.

Success to start and destroy domU(ttylinux4.2).

Fail to start 32-bit VMX Domain.

We are tracing the unstable version of bk tree by testing it on VT machines. We try to start 32-bit VMX domain on 32-bit VT and do basic tests by weekly.


Other details are available upon request.





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