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X-window Console Painfully Slow

John L. Poole
I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with the guest network bridging to
the hypervisor.
On a Gentoo hypervisor running Xen 4.9.1-r1 (10:12:41 AM 03/01/2018)(efi
flask -custom-cflags -debug)

My problem is that the only way I can connect to my guest domain is
through a drop-in console:

xl create salserver.cfg -c

in a PuTTY shell on Windows.  When I tried to drop in through the main
console on the Linux machine, the cursor moves down and then nothing
happens or is displayed.  Since the problem I'm wrestling with concerns
network connectivity of the guest domain, I have been unable to connect
via ssh into the guest domain.

The window that pops up on my Windows 7 desktop courtesy of Xming
refreshes the entire window for each new line of output making the post
messages of the start consume about 3-5 minutes before I get a log in. 
Here's an animated GIF showing 15 seconds of the painfully slow process:


The configuration file is posted on the Gentoo Forum in a cross post:

I see two alternatives, fix the console problem on the Linux box, or fix
the child X-window appearing on my Windows 7 desktop.  Suggestions?

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