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Xen Guest - multi CORE cpu vs multi cpus

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Im running 64bit centos 5.6 and using virt-manager.

On one of my guest OS's, Windows 7, The max Physical CPUs is 2, you can have unlimited CPU Cores however. (like my machine i use for work has 1, 4 core processor).

The issue im having is xen only allows you to set the vcpu arguemnet in your xen config file. How can i set it so that 1 CPU has several Cores just as windows would recognize this machine if i were installing directly to the hardware vs via a VM.

Ive searched for 2 days staright trying to address this issue, very little progress, here are a few links of info i found but did not help.

Does anyone know where a XEN support forum is? all i get is the citrix xen support forums.

here is the best info i have found on this, but i dont know how to change this for my CPU to work, when i enter this in my xen config it essentially ignores it and just takes the value of vcpu= so windows shows 2 CPUs each with ONLY one core.  Id like 1 or 2 CPUS showing Several cores.

The physical Hardware is 2x Xeon 5300 Quad Core CPUs.

> # Expose to the guest multi-core cpu instead of multiple processors
> # Example for intel, expose a 8-core processor :
> #cpuid=['1:edx=xxx1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
> # ebx=xxxxxxxx00010000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
> # '4,0:eax=001111xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx']
> # - CPUID.1[EDX][HT] : Enable HT
> # - CPUID.1[EBX] : Number of vcpus * 2
> # - CPUID.4,0[EAX] : Number of vcpus * 2 - 1
> #vcpus=8