Xen and MSI K8N Neo4-F motherboard

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Xen and MSI K8N Neo4-F motherboard

Carl Jones-2

I'm trying to get Xen booting on a MSI K8N Neo4-F motherboard (Socket
939, PCIe video card, SATA disks, NForce4 chipset).  I have been trying
FC4 and Rawhide kernels. It seems there isn't PCIe support in Xen-stable?

The last line I get before it locks up is:

ata2 : dev 0 ATA, max UDMA/133, 390721968 sectors:lba48

The regular FC4 and vanilla 2.6.11.x kernels boot fine on it.  Has
anyone had success booting this motherboard with a Xen kernel?



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