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[Xen-users] Debian DomU with physdev access init kernel crash ....

Himanshu Raj
Hi Folks,

I saw some references to the same problem in mailing list but no solution.
I am running a DomU with PHYSDEV access. With fedora core 4, I just changed
the inittab file to not start getty's on tty1-6, and it worked (only ttyS0
is enabled). However, same trick didn't do it for debian. I can boot into a
shell if I put init=/bin/bash on kernel command line. However, starting init
with any runlevel bombs. Same fixes as FC4 in the inittab file didn't do it.
So I removed the whole init.d/rcS with a much simpler rcS similar to that of
ttylinux-xen. However, that doesn't help at all. My suspicion is that the
init process itself (before reading any of the setup stuff) is trying to open
a virtual console.

Can anyone point me out to a solution to this problem? Or anyway to debug this

Thanks and best regards,
P.S. - This is the kernel crash dump. The call to visual_init is giving it chills.

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000
 printing eip:
 *pde = ma 00000000 pa 55555000
 Oops: 0000 [#1]
 Modules linked in:
 CPU:    0
 EIP:    0061:[<c02052b3>]    Not tainted VLI
 EFLAGS: 00010246   (
 EIP is at visual_init+0x53/0x150
 eax: 00000000   ebx: c1114400   ecx: 00000000   edx: 00000000
 esi: 00000000   edi: 00000000   ebp: c003be84   esp: c003be68
 ds: 007b   es: 007b   ss: 0069
 Process init (pid: 1, threadinfo=c003a000 task=c0367a20)
 Stack: c1170000 c03dcc00 c03e35f8 c003bec4 c1114400 00000000 00000001 c003beac
        c020543f c1114400 00000000 00000001 00000000 00000000 00000000 c1170000
        00000000 c003bec4 c02083d8 00000000 ffffffed c1138b80 00000001 c003bef4
 Call Trace:
        [<c0109faf>] show_stack+0x7f/0xa0
        [<c010a14f>] show_registers+0x15f/0x1e0
        [<c010a384>] die+0xf4/0x180
        [<c01155e4>] do_page_fault+0x4b4/0x761
        [<c0109c37>] error_code+0x2b/0x30
        [<c020543f>] vc_allocate+0x8f/0x150
        [<c02083d8>] con_open+0x48/0xb0
        [<c01f8b60>] tty_open+0x1b0/0x330
        [<c016d3f3>] chrdev_open+0xb3/0x1a0
        [<c016271b>] dentry_open+0x19b/0x210
        [<c016257a>] filp_open+0x5a/0x60
        [<c0162996>] sys_open+0x46/0x90
        [<c0109a81>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb
        Code: 05 01 d0 ff 88 e0 00 00 00 83 3a 02 0f 84 c6 00 00 00 8b 15 6c 9b 35 c0 89 53 28 8b 04 bd c0 ac 35 c0 85 c0 74 05 89 43 28 89 c2 <8b> 32 85 f6 74 28 89 34 24 e8 af 68 f3 ff 85 c0 0f 84 a7 00 00
        <0>Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

Himanshu Raj
PhD Student, GaTech (www.cc.gatech.edu/~rhim)
I prefer to receive attachments in an open, non-proprietary format.

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