heartbeat on xen 2.0.7

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heartbeat on xen 2.0.7

Joerg Paysen

is there anyone who runs successfully heartbeat on dom0 (2.0.7)?

server1               server2
dom0                  dom0
heartbeat <-------->  heartbeat

after some idle time heartbeat will be restartet with
this error message: "ERROR: No local heartbeat. Forcing shutdown"

from the heartbeat FAQ:

I got this message "ERROR: No local heartbeat. Forcing shutdown" and
then Heartbeat shut itself down for no reason at all!
        First of all, Heartbeat never shuts itself down for no reason at
        all. This kind of occurrence indicates that Heartbeat is not
        working properly, which in our experience can be caused by one
        of two things:
              * System under heavy I/O load, or
              * Kernel bug.
        For how to deal with the first occurrence (heavy load), please
        read the answer to the next FAQ item. If your system was not
        under moderate to heavy load when it got this message, you
        probably have the kernel bug. The 2.4.18-2.4.20 Linux kernels
        had a bug in it which would cause it to not schedule Heartbeat
        for very long periods of time when the system was idle, or
        nearly so. If this is the case, you need to get a kernel that
        isn't broken.

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