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kernel paging request errors

Rowan Woodhouse

I've got an instance of Red Hat 9.0 running as a domU (debian sarge as
dom0) that gives kernel paging requests whenever I try to run db2. I'm
using Xen 2.0.7. Below is the error output that I get:

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c8913000
  printing eip:
  Oops: 0003
  CPU:    0
  EIP:    0819:[<c015ba01>]    Not tainted
  EFLAGS: 00010206
  eax: 00001000   ebx: 00000000   ecx: 00000400   edx: fbff9000
  esi: ce850000   edi: c8913000   ebp: cfa13700   esp: c89f5d38
  ds: 0821   es: 0821   ss: 0821
  Process db2fmp (pid: 1361, stackpage=c89f5000)<1>
  Stack: c0251ea9 00001000 000000f0 00000001 c89f5d60 cffea2d4 cffea260
         00008000 00024cb8 cff93080 c014e899 cdc26de0 ce8a5b60 c89f5d9c
               00000001 00004cb8 c1354c44 00000000 00000000 cff95400 c1354c00
               Call Trace: [<c014e899>] [<c01217bc>] [<c012bb29>] [<c0153a3b>]
                  [<c0153c85>] [<c0151980>] [<c01518fc>] [<c01543c6>]
[<c015a9fe>] [<c015abe9>]
                     [<c01518fc>] [<c0151980>] [<c0151aa0>] [<c015734e>] [<c0151980>]
                        [<c0135c8c>] [<c0135dfa>] [<c01ac5ff>]

Can anyone give me some ideas of how to fix or get around this problem?



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