`make install` error with gcc-4.0

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`make install` error with gcc-4.0

Hello xen team,

I've built changeset 8112 of xen-unstable on a 2.0 GHz x86 P4 Debian
testing box with gcc version 4.0.2 (Debian 4.0.2-2) by simply doing a
pull and then running `make`.  The first time I ran `make install` I got
an error about the system being unable to find gcc-3.3.  I became
emotional and created a symlink in /usr/bin from gcc-3.3 to gcc-4.0.  
The install completed successfully.

Thinking I would report this to this mailing list, I did a `make
uninstall`, deleted my symlink, and attempted to recreate the problem.  
It did not recur, and for this I apologize because it makes this email a
pretty vague bug report.  Still, I thought it was worth reporting.

Keep up the good work,

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