moving the Virt Stack on Stretch to recent Xen

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moving the Virt Stack on Stretch to recent Xen

Mark Pryor

the Virt stack on Debian Stretch (stable) is currently at:
xen-4.8 -> qemu-2.8 -> libvirt-3.x

in order of depends. Once the xen version is upgraded, the Debian autobuilders will rebuild qemu-2.8, then finally libvirt.
That's the way it would work on Buster, where versions do get upgraded.

I've gone ahead and manually done this with xen-4.10 and xen-4.11, qemu-2.11/qemu-2.12, and finally I build Libvirt-4.3.0.
The libvirt is backported from Buster.

These two complete stacks have been done:
xen-4.10 -> qemu-2.11 -> libvirt-4.3.0
xen-4.11 -> qemu-2.12 -> libvirt-4.3.0

This is how to leverage the debian packaging scheme using the strict ABI approach.
BTW, Buster has libvirt moving ahead to  4.5.0-1.

For more info, see us at
##xen-packaging on Freenode, GMT-8.


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