nmi_count in common code?

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nmi_count in common code?

Dan Magenheimer
Ian C's recent xen-unstable cset (8585), put some archdep
code involving nmi_stats in keyhandler.c.  While
there happens to be an easy workaround on ia64 for this
and -- in this particular case -- there might be some
use to having a similar key on ia64 (not sure on ppc?),
there are undoubtedly some archdep issues here that
probably ought to be managed in archdep code.

Perhaps it is time to add an arch_initialize_keytable()
in archdep code and then move the new do_nmi_stats
with that into a new arch/XXX/keyhandler.c?

And, please, y'all be careful out there when adding
code to common files!


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