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Christian Keil

I have just finished installing my Xen 3.0 Machine, everything seems to
work, I am just abit confused about network Setup.

 I have edit the XEND Config and set everything to the routing Scripts,
however if I start a new server I have to manually create the route to
it by using i.e.

ip route add dev vif1.0

I can see the Interfaces are being created , but the Route Command is
not being executed at all. Even tho I can see in the Xen log that the
vif-route Script is executed properly.
Is there any way for me to debug this behaviour or have xen spill out
the command it sends to the vif-route scripts ?

Also, why cant we set fixed vif interfaces for a vm anymore ? it was
possible in xen 2.0 is this feature coming back or could anyone explain
why it was removed ?


Thanks in Advance



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