problem booting a domu with domu network backend

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problem booting a domu with domu network backend

Czakó Krisztián
I've successfully configured a domu to access phisical network cards,
and to act as a network backend. I have an other domu who uses the first
one as network backend.
When xen auto starts the domains at boot time (using debian sarge with
debian xen packages from the pool), the vif for the second domain isn't
created in the first domu (the domains are started in the right order
according to the domain ids).
When I start the second domu a few seconds later by hand, or use a 5
second sleep ind the second domain's config (in python), everything is
It seems that the second domain is created too fast and xen can't access
the first one which provides the network backend.

Is it possible to wait for a domain to come up when an other domain's
config refers to it?
How can I check wheter a domain with a specific name exists or not in
python (so that I can create domain dependencies in the config file)?


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