request backports for xen-4.9.0 (qemu-xen from debain security)

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request backports for xen-4.9.0 (qemu-xen from debain security)

Mark Pryor

The above is the debian delta for qemu-2.8 released recently (Oct 7) that is mostly CVE for upstream qemu-2.8.

As shown in earlier mail, these patches apply cleanly to the 4.9.0 tarball. I've tested them in Centos7 today too.

There are 2 points of interest: the patches themselves, then the `series` file which shows the order of application.

tar -tf qemu_2.8+dfsg-6+deb9u3.debian.tar.xz | grep 'patch$' | wc -l -> 49

ignore the v2.8.1.diff, only those with patch$ ending are of interest.

The series file showing order of application is attached.

I've used them in this project:

a debianised built of xen-4.9.0 with an upstream tarball, a manifest (*.dsc), and a Debian Delta xen*debian*.xz.


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