vtpm_manager can not load NVM

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vtpm_manager can not load NVM

Erdem Bayer-2

When a domain is started with option vtpm = [ 'instance=1, backend=0' ] vtpm
for the domain always starts with parameter "clear", resulting in all keystore
inaccessable because the previous SRK is lost. I could not find a way to save
the vtpm state in any way. The vtpm_manager output includes these:

TPMD[1]: tpm/tpm_startup.c:45: Info: TPM_Startup(1)
Loading NVM.
        Sending LoadNVM command
        ERROR[VTPM]: Failed to load NVM
        .INFO[VTPM]: [VTPM Listener]: VTPM Listener waiting for messages.
                Reading LoadNVM header

when I checked the code and mailing lists, this NVM is actually resides in
dom0 filesystem, namely /var/vtpm/vtpm_dm_%d.data but the vtpm_manager does
not create this when it started, nor it complains.

I am having this issue with xen versions 3.1.3-RELEASE and 3.1-testing, but
did not test with 3.2 branch.

I will also attach the vtpm_manager output.

I appologize for the cross-post.

Thank you.
Erdem Bayer

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