where the vcpu-s switching is happen

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where the vcpu-s switching is happen

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Hi all,

I wlould like to ask where is the code where the switching of vcpu-s on one physical cpu is happening?

If i use x86 and vmx mode i think that the actual switch i happen in  vmx_ctxt_switch_to(struct vcpu *v) at vmx.c file.

I think the vmx_restore_guest_msrs(v) function is responsible for restoring the registers of the guest and the RIP register - which is the real task switching between vcpus.

i'm not sure but i would like to ask where the RIP register is changed with the new vcpu's instuction pointer?

as far as i know the RIP register is stored at VMCS controll stucture and it is loaded when that structure become active ...

plase help with some hints about this proccess.

Best Regards