xen 3 trouble with undefined devices?

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xen 3 trouble with undefined devices?

Tom Brown-3

downloaded the xen-unstable-install-x86_32.tgz file today ... I figured
that my troubles _must_ be a consequence of something strange that I was
doing, e.g. a custom kernel config that was "off".

Well, after much fiddling around, I managed to get domU to boot.
Seems that udev may have been causing grief. I changed the
exported device name to sdd3 (from hda1) and suddenly things were fine. This
may be a consequence of there being no devices in /dev/ for hda*
by default (due to udev). I believe at one point I found a message to that
effect in the /var/log/xen* logs... I created such a node in the
dom0 but it didn't make any difference!?

ahh, here it is:

exception looking up device number for hda1: [Errno 2] No such file

It would be _really_ nice if the diagnostic for that scenario was a little
more obvious. Having just this to go on

   xen_blk: Initialising virtual block device driver

(10 second pause)

   xen_blk: Timeout connecting to device!

is pretty cryptic :-(

running MAKEDEV hda didn't fix the situation either, which makes
little sense to me :-( Oh, just looked, it _does_ hide the
"exception" report, which is even worse. The problem continues to
exist, but the diagnostic is suppressed.

That said, I still occassionally get the timeout issue when starting that
guest domain.

Anyhow, I hope this message is use to someone else.


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