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[xen master] docs: fix configuration syntax in xl.cfg manpage

commit 828aa3352f97b613bd06daf7eb1ae734262196be
Author:     Wei Liu <[hidden email]>
AuthorDate: Tue Apr 11 12:03:00 2017 +0100
Commit:     Wei Liu <[hidden email]>
CommitDate: Tue Apr 18 17:43:55 2017 +0100

    docs: fix configuration syntax in xl.cfg manpage
    No quote is required when a string is provided as part of a spec string.
    Reported-by: Doug Freed <[hidden email]>
    Signed-off-by: Wei Liu <[hidden email]>
 docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5.in | 9 +++++----
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5.in b/docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5.in
index 616dc09..13167ff 100644
--- a/docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5.in
+++ b/docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5.in
@@ -27,7 +27,8 @@ A value C<VALUE> is one of:
 =item B<"STRING">
-A string, surrounded by either single or double quotes.
+A string, surrounded by either single or double quotes. But if the
+STRING is part of a SPEC_STRING, the quotes should be omitted.
 =item B<NUMBER>
@@ -569,7 +570,7 @@ settings, from the following list:
 Allow access to the display via the VNC protocol.  This enables the
 other VNC-related settings.  The default is to enable this.
-=item C<vnclisten="ADDRESS[:DISPLAYNUM]">
+=item C<vnclisten=ADDRESS[:DISPLAYNUM]>
 Specifies the IP address, and optionally VNC display number, to use.
@@ -589,7 +590,7 @@ vnclisten string.
 Requests that the VNC display setup search for a free TCP port to use.
 The actual display used can be accessed with C<xl vncviewer>.
-=item C<vncpasswd="PASSWORD">
+=item C<vncpasswd=PASSWORD>
 Specifies the password for the VNC server. If password is set to an
 empty string, authentication on the VNC server will be disabled
@@ -616,7 +617,7 @@ Enable OpenGL acceleration of the SDL display. Only effects machines
 using C<device_model_version="qemu-xen-traditional"> and only if the
 device-model was compiled with OpenGL support. Disabled by default.
-=item C<keymap="LANG">
+=item C<keymap=LANG>
 Configure the keymap to use for the keyboard associated with this
 display. If the input method does not easily support raw keycodes
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