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xend start gives an error

Asaf Maruf Ali


I am able to boot up with the xen kernel 2.0.6. I have satisfied all the
requirements like brctl, iproute2, twisted etc prior to installing. However,
when i run xend start from a terminal, it gives an error like the following:

SrvDaemon.py version mismatch for module xen.lowlevel.xu

and ends with Import:Error No module named web

this is not the complete error output.

During bootup it gives me an error regarding QM_MODULES not found and an error
about modules.dep file not found. The result is that the ethernet interface
is not activated as well.

Help appreciated?
Asaf Maruf Ali
PING Systems
Network Security-Linux-Consulting
605, 6th Floor,
Clifton Centre, Block 5,
Clifton, Karachi-75600
Tel # 5872438, 5868275
Fax # 5868927
"PING is a Micro$oft free environment"

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